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Administration of INoPSU

In order to carry out the aims and direct the activities of INoPSU a secretariat was established.

The INoPSU secretariat consists of a co-convenor, and liaison officer. These posts following consultation with the individual national surveillance units make decisions on the direction and development of INoPSU.

Current Convenors

Mirjam Mäusezahl-Feuz

Mirjam is the scientific director of SPSU and head of the epidemiology unit at the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health where she is responsible for the reporting on surveillance data and epidemiological studies on infectious diseases.

Mirjam has an MSc in parasitology and tropical medicine as well as an MPH earned at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mirjam has initiated numerous studies in infectious disease epidemiology and has published widely. She has a special interest in food and waterborne diseases and has recently been appointed to the national One Health Board.

Richard Lynn

Richard is the scientific coordinator of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit and is responsible for the day to day oversight of the Unit. He also holds positions as Senior Research Associate at University London Great Ormond Street Institute of Child Health and research fellow at Public Health England.

Richard was instrumental in the settings for up of INoPSU and has held a variety of positions on the Executive. He has had a hand in advising on the development of several other national and international surveillance units, most notably the UK Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Surveillance System and the British Ophthalmologist Surveillance Unit.

Richard has contributed to be many of the epidemiological studies undertaken and has published widely, with a particular interest in child psychiatry.

Richard has also been a strong advocate for those affected by rare disease and sits on the management board of Rare Disease UK as its science advisor.

Past INoPSU Chairs/Convenors:

Yvonne Zurynski

Angus Nicoll

Elizabeth Elliott 

Reudiger Von Kries

Daniel Virella 

Past Secretariat:

Richard Lynn (BPSU), Liaison Officer   

INoPSU Meetings



Ottawa, Canada


York, England
2004 Lisbon, Portugal
2006  London, England
2008 Munich, Germany
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2011 Montreaux, Switzerland
2013 Melbourne, Australia
2016 Vancouver, Canada
2018 Glasgow, Scotland 

INOPSU was accepted for membership in the International Paediatric Association (IPA) at their September 2011 meeting in Beijing.