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INOPSU Website24-Aug-2013

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INOPSU Workshop24-Aug-2013

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Launch of INOPSU 15 Year Report24-Aug-2013

The report "15 Years of International Research into Rare Childhood Diseases" will b.. read more

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New Zealand Paediatric Surveillance Unit (NZPSU)


The NZPSU is co-directed by Professor Barry Taylor and Dr Nigel Dickson. From the beginning the NZPSU has received financial support from the New Zealand Ministry for Health to provide active surveillance of acute flaccid paralysis as part of WHO's polio eradication initiative.

Covering a child population of 0.83 million, each month over 200 paediatricians are circulated with a surveillance card. The response rate has remained high at 94%, with a high completion rate.

The unit is working closely with the APSU. Protocols and questionnaires developed for some APSU studies are being used for some NZPSU studies. This process will allow identical data to be collected simultaneously in two geographically distinct populations.

Contact Details

Professor Barry Taylor (Co-Director)
Associate Professor Nigel Dickson (Co-Director)
Ms Amanda Phillips (Unit Administrator)

Department of Paediatrics and Child Health
Dunedin School of Medicine
University of Otago, PO Box 913
Dunedin, New Zealand

Tel: 0064 3 474 7825 

Fax: 0064 3 474 7817