In order to carry out the aims and direct the activities of INoPSU a chair was established


INoPSU is lead by either a chair and a liaison officer or two co-chairs and a liaison officer. These posts following consultation with the individual national surveillance units make decisions on the direction and development of INoPSU.

Chairs / Convenors

Current Chairs / Convenors

Past Chairs / Convenors

  • Yvonne Zurynski
  • Angus Nicoll
  • Elizabeth Elliott 
  • Reudiger Von Kries
  • Daniel Virella 

Past Secretariat

  • Richard Lynn (BPSU), Liaison Officer   

Mirjam Mäusezahl-Feuz

Scientific director of SPSU

Mirjam Mäusezahl-Feuz

Mirjam is the scientific director of SPSU and head of the epidemiology unit at the Swiss Fed...

Richard Lynn

Scientific coordinator of the BPSU

Richard Lynn

Richard is the scientific coordinator of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit and is responsible...