Irish Paediatric Surveillance Unit (IPSU)


Set up in 1996 by the Faculty of Paediatrics of the Royal College of Physicians (Ireland) in cooperation with the Ulster Paediatric Society. The IPSU compliments the work of the British Paediatric Surveillance Unit by surveying for more common disease in the Ireland, North and South. Covering a child population of around 1.3 million, surveillance is achieved through a monthly-prepaid postcard circulated to around 150 members of the Irish Paediatric Society. The response rate is currently around 80%. The IPSU was accepted as a full member of the INoPSU in 2002.

Contact Details

Dr Robert Cunney

Irish Paediatric Society
Children's University Hospital
Temple Street, Dublin 1
Republic of Ireland
Tel: 003531 8784200 

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