Netherlands Paediatric Surveillance Unit (NSCK)


Around 780 paediatricians in general and academic hospitals receive the monthly card. The eight university hospitals have each nominated specific personnel to respond for separate disorders and to be responsible for reporting all cases in that hospital. The overall response rate for the paediatricians receiving the card has risen from 83% in 1992 to 92% in 2004. It fell gradually to 86% in 2008. The follow-up rate is also high at over 90%. In 2008 we had 1380 reported cases and 4 peer reviewed publications as a result of studies under surveillance. The importance of full case ascertainment has been realised and where possible alternative complementary data sources have been recruited for particular disorders. For example, surveillance of diabetes was strengthened by the inclusion of the Dutch Diabetic Association, while surveillance of invasive haemophilus influenzae infection was improved by using reports from the Netherlands Reference Laboratory for bacterial meningitis and neural tube defects ascertainment was realised with the national neonatal registry and the parents association.

Contact Details

Henrike Klein Ikkink  (Interim-Coordinator) 

Dutch Society for Pediatrics
PO Box 20059
3502 LB Utrecht
Tel: 088 282 3306

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